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Please submit your challenge before or after photos here.

  • If you’d like, you can hold a sign that says “Back at It 2019” and the date you take the photo. You can hold the same sign with the updated date on the last day of the challenge.

  • Recommendations for taking a great before/after photo:

    • Stand in a naturally well lit area with a plain wall as your background.

    • Have a friend or family member take the photo for you, or stand in front of a full length mirror. You will want as much of a straight on, full body photo as possible.

    • Take three photos with three different angles. Front facing, side facing, and back facing (or facing the wall).

    • Hold your arms at your sides or in a natural position.

    • Smile! You are so so beautiful.

  • Checking the authorization box in your upload form will give Cali Bett the permission to use your before/after photos on her website, social media accounts, and/or branding material. This is not required, but we sure appreciate it if you feel comfortable doing so!

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