"Macro counting has completely changed my life"

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"I started Cali’s program at a pivotal point in my fitness and weight loss  journey. I had lost weight on my own before coming to a month+ long plateau. I was eating what I had thought was healthy, was depriving myself of foods I loved and still not advancing in my weight loss. I had come to Cali’s page and decided I’d sign up for a Summer Shred challenge and figured I didn’t have much to lose. Well, I couldn’t have been prepared for what I gained. From the knowledge and education on all things macro counting and personal macro counts done by Cali herself, to her insightful and jam packed challenge guides with meal ideas/recipes to having all of my questions answered in the support group, I couldn’t help but thrive from the community she built and her guidance. Never feeling deprived from the foods I love, and still able to far surpass my fitness and muscle gain goals, macro counting has completely changed my life.

Now I feel healthy, energized, and in the best shape in my life as a mother of 2 at 31 years old. Cali has opened these doors for me, and I am so grateful to her and her passion for educating. Thank you Cali, for inspiring me every day, and taking the time to teach myself, (and so many others), through this fitness journey!”

- Danielle

Cali Larsen