4 Simple Steps to Eating Enough Protein Every Day


Consuming enough protein is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to macro counting, especially for newbies. Protein plays an important roll in keeping you satisfied and feeling full throughout your day. It keeps your blood sugar steady and cravings away. It’s best to begin each day with a plan to help avoid difficulty and frustration. Clients are always looking for ways to increase their protein so I’m going to share my top 4 tips as well as a list of my 60+ favorite protein sources to help you hit your daily goal.

4 Tips To Hitting Your Protein

TIP #1 Plan ahead is my best advice!

Whether that’s before bed or when you wake, it’s the key to success. “Winging it” and hoping to magically hit your macros is not a plan especially when it comes to protein. There’s an order in which to log your macros. Protein first, carbs and fat second. Be sure to add a protein source to every meal and snack and then fill in the gaps. Lastly, adjust servings/portions by increasing or decreasing the amount to fit your macro goals.

TIP #2 Divide your protein evenly between meals and snacks.

This will help make it less daunting and much more attainable. I’ve found there are two ways to easily do this. The first is to divide your total number of protein grams by the number of meals and snacks you plan on eating.

Example: If your goal is 140 grams of protein and you eat 5 times a day, divide 140 by 5 and that gives you 28 grams of protein per meal.

The second is to divide your total number of protein grams into portions of 1/3 and 2/3. This provides the option of having to eat less protein per snack and more per meal.

Example: 140 grams divided into a 1/3 and 2/3 portion equals 46.6 and 93.2 grams. Depending on the number of snacks and meals will determine the number of grams evenly distributed per meal and snack.

TIP #3 Keep adequate amounts of protein on hand in different varieties.

You’ve just learned how to pre-log your protein so now it’s a good idea to have it available to eat. Meal prep is key and should be top priority if success is your goal. Prep a few of your favorite protein sources twice a week that provide versatile meal options. Some of my favorites are chicken tenderloins, 96% lean ground beef, salmon and hard boiled eggs. Keep in mind that the leaner the meat, the better if your daily fat target is on the low side or if you want to save room for something like nut butters.

TIP #4 Don’t be afraid to combine protein sources together.

You do not have to stick to one protein source per meal and if you do, it may lead to monotonous flavor which can weaken your desire to stick with it. Combining two sources not only increases flavor and texture but also increases the number of grams per meal which helps get you closer to hitting your target. A couple of my favorite combinations are egg whites and 99% lean ground turkey in an omelette, turkey bacon and chicken in either a salad or wrap, or mixing one scoop of protein powder into a cup of greek yogurt. This technique skyrockets the amount of protein as well as the favor and texture of each meal. You’ll actually look forward to eating more protein!

I hope these tips help make hitting your daily protein easier!

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