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Losing Weight While Nursing with Kate Brown

I have absolutely loved counting macros while nursing. Macros actually helped me realize how little I was eating before. I used to think I was one of those girls that couldn’t lose the weight until my baby was done nursing. WRONG! As it turns out, I was eating way too little and my body was hanging on to excess weight in response. Knowing what I know now has allowed me have such a relaxed approach to it all. My baby is nursing great, in fact, my supply has been better than it was with my other two daughters. I know my baby is getting what she needs, and by keeping up with my workouts I know I’m burning calories to be in enough of a deficit to reach my goals. 

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Making A Macro Meal Plan

Okay, by now you’ve probably heard me stress the importance of a meal plan in every way possible. And I promise, I’m not trying to bore you! Meal plans are just that important. You know the benefits, the road blocks, and how to overcome them. Now let’s get into how to make a meal plan around your macros. Are you ready girl?

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How To Track A Homemade Recipe

If you’ve tracked before, you know that it’s one thing to track the macros from something pre-made, or packaged food with the nutritional facts printed on the back, but it’s a whole different ball game to track a family favorite recipe when you’re cooking at home. And you bet you’re still going to want to eat Nona’s secret pasta recipe.

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