Becoming Your Own Coach


Have you ever felt like you just can’t do it alone? Or like you can’t rely on yourself? I think we’ve all been there a time or two. When you let yourself down enough times, you begin to lose trust in your ability to lose weight or reach your goals. Why would you believe that you can do it all alone if you haven’t succeeded thus far? Well, I’m here to tell you that I’ve been there, too. But I also know that it’s possible. It’s possible to regain your inner trust and to prove to yourself that you can accomplish your goals and stick to the plan.

You don’t need a coach. You don’t need a friend. You don’t even need your partner or spouse to support you. You only need you. Here’s how this is possible…

1.) Make a plan and stick to it.

Step one in becoming your own coach is to make a plan and don’t deviate. I like to plan my workouts and meal prep sessions as non-negotiable appointments with myself. They are permanently on my calendar and I treat them as appointments, meaning I need to give 24 hours notice to re-schedule or cancel. If you are serious about reaching your goal, you have to look at the baby steps as vital appointments. You can’t skip them or treat them as temporary.

If you need help creating a calendar and schedule that will help you get everything done and right on time, I recommend listening to this podcast episode. Brooke Castillo’s time management tips are game changing.

2.) Plan to go off-plan.

Thinking that you’re going to be 100% perfect right out of the gate is mistake #1, ladies. Instead of treating junk foods or netflix & chill days as mistakes, plan on them. Sounds counter intuitive right? Just trust me, planning to have your favorite splurge food once a week or have a Sunday completely off the grid is healthy. You will feel more committed to your plan when you know that it’s not forever. So rather than getting to the end of Monday and saying, “I’m having this ice cream sunday off-plan because I’ve been so good all day and I deserve it,”, say “An ice cream sunday is not in my plan today, but that’s okay because on Saturday night I’m getting a hot fudge sunday at my favorite restaurant and I don’t even feel bad about it because it’s on my plan.”

3.) Be your own coach.

How successful do you think a coach would be that said things like, “Wow, you are so fat. You really need to lose weight.” or “You look awful today.” Answer: They’d be fired. If you are going to succeed as your own accountability partner, you HAVE to change the way you talk to yourself. You must be nurturing, loving, and unwavering. You must tell yourself things that push you into a state of discomfort, but not pain. Write your new coaching thoughts on sticky notes and post them on your mirror, or recite affirmations on the way to the gym, or heck! Say them out loud while you’re training. The way you talk to yourself matters, bottom line.

4.) Keep track.

Be religious about keeping track. Coaches do not discount the numbers so you need to keep very thorough track of your progress, your food intake, and your workouts. How many reps did you complete? How much weight did you use? How much do you weigh at the beginning of each week? Don’t forget to take photos, they are my favorite way to measure progress.

5.) Reward yourself.

The best way to continue your progress is to take the time and effort to reward yourself every time you reach a mini-goal. Rewards will not keep you complacent, they will motivate you to keep going. Whether it’s a spa day, or a new book, or a new pair of sneakers, set mini-goals with corresponding rewards and treat yourself to them when you reach your goal. You are so worth it.

Okay, who’s ready to be their own coach?